Asset Management
Jacksonville, FL

Preservation is Key.

Approximately 80% of portfolio returns are gained from the asset class and sector selection, with a mere 20% of returns derived from individual product selection. At Csenge Advisory Group in Jacksonville, FL, we meticulously analyze asset classes and subsectors in order to provide our clients with optimized risk-adjusted returns for their portfolios.

Always By Your Side.

Do we work with investment firms, specific products, or ready-made platforms? Not at Jacksonville Csenge! What suits us is not the focus, rather it's all about you and how you want your wealth managed. Choose from a robust selection of high-quality managers, products, and security measures that align with your goals.

Predicting the market is not our approach. We take the time to ensure every stone is turned, running a detailed analysis of your portfolio every day, assessing the risks involved, and gauging performance levels. We examine current market conditions and implement adjustments only after careful consideration.

Our mission is to participate when the markets are supportive of higher prices and hedge when market risks are elevated, allowing us to optimize your portfolio’s ability to best meet your goals.

Eric Caisse CFA®, CMT, CFP®
Chief Investment Officer & Partner

Introducing Fusion Analysis.

Our tried and true proprietary process is designed to work for you, combining three savvy methodologies: fundamental research, technical research, and behavioral science. We stay on top of your portfolio daily, reallocating asset categories, tracking manager performance, negotiating pricing, and customizing preferences with efficiency. By balancing investors’ desires for growth with the need to minimize risk and reduce volatility, we steer clear of the big dips instead of chasing the high flyers.

An Asset Allocation Model That Fits to Your Life.

Csenge Jacksonville has 10 asset allocation models on hand designed to work with every financial situation, from fixed income to total market exposure. If one of these model's do not meet your needs, we'll customize an asset allocation plan that puts your best interests first.

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