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At Csenge Advisory Group in Jacksonville, we'll work diligently to set you up with the best strategies to help you achieve your goals. By carefully analyzing your current situation, following your aspirations, and gauging risk tolerance, we can then put the right steps in motion.


Your investment portfolio should always align with your needs and goals. We'll work side-by-side to pinpoint your objectives, identify risk preferences, and set the appropriate asset allocation and protection strategies in place.


When you partner with Csenge Advisory Group in Jacksonville, you reap the benefits of having a highly knowledgeable advisor who is there to serve you. Our oversight approach to retirement plan evaluation and design, fund selection, and employee education gives you the tools needed to move forward with confidence.


Insurance is key to protecting the assets in your financial plan. After a meticulous analysis, we'll provide viable solutions for everything from individual and group life and health to property and casualty to long-term care evaluation in Jacksonville, FL.


Your wealth should pass to your heirs exactly how you prefer, without complications or confusion. We’ll work with you on generational wealth planning and charitable/gifting strategies, as well as allocating assets among dependents, to ensure your wishes are adhered to in a fully transparent manner.


We understand that each person’s financial situation is special and unique. At Csenge Jacksonville, we make it a priority to deliver creative solutions for reaching your goals while helping you navigate less common areas, such as tax planning, mortgage solutions, and second opinions.

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