Csenge Advisory Group Breaks $2B AUM Milestone

CLEARWATER, Fla., June 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Csenge Advisory Group (CAG) has surpassed the $2B AUM mark and shows no signs of slowing its growth. This comes at a time where CAG is recognized by the Tampa Bay Business Journal as a top Investment Services Firm for seven consecutive years and with a 75% increase in AUM from last year.

John Csenge founded Csenge Advisory Group in 1999, and as Managing Partner, lead the journey for the firm to grow and adapt to the industry. With Eric Caisse, Partner and Chief Investment Officer, the two have forged a firm with the strong belief that building and managing personal wealth should not be that difficult.

Using that foundational belief, Csenge and Caisse further built the firm by understanding the Financial Industry’s long-time approach to delivering wealth management advice is broken and no longer works. CAG believes, understanding Client Aspirations, Portfolio Construction, and regularly managing financial, investment, and estate plans matter.

As Csenge says, “Our sole purpose is to create better financial outcomes for our clients. This is not only our purpose, it’s what our clients expect.”

“Wealth Management is not our only core competency,” adds Caisse. “We also have a robust Asset Management division and a thriving Advisor Network.”

Caisse who oversees CAG asset management, and holds CFA®, CMT, CFP® designations, shared their mission for Asset Management. “Our mission is to participate when the markets are supportive of higher prices and hedge when market risks are elevated, allowing us to optimize your portfolio’s ability to best meet your goals.” Currently, CAG offers ten distinct models to not only benefit their clients but also clients of other advisors. Visit www.csenge.com/services/asset-management to learn more about CAG’s asset management.

The Advisor Network with over 40 advisors strong across the country, has gathered the attention of many advisors looking to make a strategic move. In the last year, eight firms joined the Csenge Advisory Network, with an active pipeline of others ready to join. To understand why advisors are attracted to the CAG Advisor Network, visit www.csenge.com/advisors.

“Clients are the number one priority. When advisors join our network, they know their clients will have access to more: more technology, more investment options, and more knowledge. This, in turn, leads to an elevated client experience,” says Csenge. “We love working with advisors to help them grow their firms, and in turn, provide their clients what they need. When that is your end goal, quickly hitting our next AUM milestone will come as no surprise.”

Official Post: https://csenge.com/firm/csenge-advisory-group-breaks-2b-aum-milestone/

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